DIY FLOWER CROWNS !!!!!!!!!!!!
hi ok yes so we all know flower crowns are super fab and while they’re available in-store, who doesn’t love a good DIY project?! i’ve been searching around for different flower crown tutorials for you guys and i’ve compiled them all right here! some of them are very similar, but it’s good to check them all out to get some inspiration for your own! look through them all because they’ve all got a different vibe to them and it’ll help you create your own! some are more earthy and calming while others are bright and fun! hope you can make the perfect flower crown for yourself or your friends!
artificial floral crowns: bleubirdfawn mag flashes of stylegreen wedding shoes (two different crowns in one article!:)kelly murraymomtastic!
fresh flower crowns: design spongea beautiful mess kelly golightly honestly WTFmollie makesi spy DIYruffledhellobee (daisy crown!)
hope you guys find one or more of these helpful! they’ll turn out beautiful no matter what, so make sure you have fun with it!  
cam x


Happy Earth Day

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Así ligo yo en los Sims.


Sometimes you stop talking to someone because you keep telling yourself that if they wanted to talk to you, they would.


"There there, I’m sorry I scared you. *pats and kisses* you’re a good dog, good dog."

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